Jink Solutions

Jink Solutions was started by two entrepreneurs who understand what you are going through. We have used VA’s ourselves and fully understand what you will be looking for.

As a business owner, we got swamped with emails, calls, meetings and appointments. It got to a stage where managing the business was becoming stressful and as a business owner, we needed our hands free so we can concentrate on building the business.

It was taking us time to respond to emails, calls and going for appointments became a challenge. Eventually we got a virtual assistant and our life changed completely.

Our virtual assistant became our first line support for each of my business and we saw an instant change with the business. We had no more missed calls. All enquiries where answered promptly. Our calls, emails, enquiries and meetings were arranged and managed by our Virtual Assistant. All our outstanding invoices and bill payments were chased and paid on time. Within six months our businesses started thriving and we saw a 50% increase in revenue.

We know there are other business owners going through exactly what we went through, hence we decide to offer this service to business owners.

Our Staff

We have a rigorous hiring process as we only employ VAs who are committed to excellence and share our company’s core values.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Struggling to do it all? 

Why don’t you hire a Virtual Assistant.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Free your time
Increase your sales
Grow your business

Jink Virtual Assistants enable you to focus on what you do best —Grow your business. Let your VA do the routine and repetitive duties in your business while you spend time on what matters. Businesses that decide to our VA’s avoid high employment costs.

You can hire a VA from as little as £3.99 per hour


Here's what some of our clients have to say

My VA has been fantastic. I can now focus on doing my job while she takes care of all my admin.  I can only say thank you to Jink for opening my eyes to this way of working.

Sarah Crossan – Inventories Company

I was running behind in my invoicing and chasing payment.  I had a lot of clients who I had not invoiced or bothered to chase for money. Jink gave me a VA who sorted all this out for me.

David McManus –  A firm of Architects

My practice was growing very fast and I needed extra help with the admin.  After speaking to the consultants at Jink, I decided to try out the service.  It has been the best decision I made.

Susan Menzies- Charterered Accountants

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