Jink Virtual Assistants are our employees who work for you over the internet from their home office for a monthly fee.  They can be responsible for a variety of tasks enabling you to focus your time and energy on those activities that generate income.

Jink Virtual Assistants are based outside the UK, hence they are cheaper than local employees

Yes.  English is the main language to Jink Virtual Assistants.  All are VA’s are “accent neutral”.

Yes, you can recruit your VA yourself, but this will be very time consuming.  It takes a lot of work, time and experience to find the right VA.  Time I am assuming you do not have.   We deliver 3 custom vetted VA’s, with specific skills for your specific requirements, in 7 Days. Time is money, and Jink saves you valuable time and money.

If you do not like the VA we find you within a week, we can find you another 3 candidates to choose from at no cost to you.

If you do not like the VA you choose within a week, we can find you another 3 candidates to choose from at no cost to you.

No we do not train our VA’s.  However we chose VA’s because of their years of experience and references from previous clients.  Our VA’s are very experienced and get up to speed to your tasks quickly.

Yes you can hire your VA part time or full time. We usually recommend our service for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for long term experienced and dedicated VA’s.

We have several methods of verifying work. You can review the Work Diary which tracks billable.  It also counts keystrokes and takes screenshots of the VA’s screen (six times per hour), so you can verify billable hours.

There is no tax to pay.  All our VA’s are self employed.

Yes, all our VA’s speak very good English. You will also have an opportunity to interview your VA before you commit.

Our VA’s are fully flexible they can work in your time zone or their time zone. Its up to you.

We make paying VA’s simple and secure. Choose to pay using MasterCard, Visa, PayPal or direct bank transfer. Most payments are subject to a 2.75% processing fee.

Yes, all payments to VA’s  have invoices that will be sent to you.

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Here's what some of our clients have to say

My VA has been fantastic. I can now focus on doing my job while she takes care of all my admin.  I can only say thank you to Jink for opening my eyes to this way of working.

Sarah Crossan – Inventories Company

I was running behind in my invoicing and chasing payment.  I had a lot of clients who I had not invoiced or bothered to chase for money. Jink gave me a VA who sorted all this out for me.

David McManus –  A firm of Architects

My practice was growing very fast and I needed extra help with the admin.  After speaking to the consultants at Jink, I decided to try out the service.  It has been the best decision I made.

Susan Menzies- Charterered Accountants

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