Price Per Month

* A setup fee of £199 applies for each Virtual Assistant hired.

Jink Silver virtual assistants have good, fluent English and are a suitable choice when clear instructions can be provided about the tasks to be undertaken. They require guidance and will do very well when given full instructions.

Jink Gold virtual assistants are more experienced than silver virtual assistant staff.  They have strong written and spoken English skills and tend to require less guidance. They also have problem solving skills and strong customer service experience.

Jink Platinum virtual assistants are the most experienced assistants. They work independently with minimal supervision.  They have excellent written and spoken English.  They have a lot of experience managing teams and will fit into your organization immediately.


Here's what some of our clients have to say

My VA has been fantastic. I can now focus on doing my job while she takes care of all my admin.  I can only say thank you to Jink for opening my eyes to this way of working.

Sarah Crossan – Inventories Company

I was running behind in my invoicing and chasing payment.  I had a lot of clients who I had not invoiced or bothered to chase for money. Jink gave me a VA who sorted all this out for me.

David McManus –  A firm of Architects

My practice was growing very fast and I needed extra help with the admin.  After speaking to the consultants at Jink, I decided to try out the service.  It has been the best decision I made.

Susan Menzies- Charterered Accountants

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