My VA has been fantastic. I can now focus on doing my job while she takes care of all my admin. I can only say thank you to Jink for opening my eyes to this way of working.

Sarah Crossan – Inventories Company

I was running behind in my invoicing and chasing payment. I had a lot of clients who I had not invoiced or bothered to chase for money. Jink gave me a VA who sorted all this out for me. He now manages all my admin and responds to all my enquiries. I have never been so organised.

David McManus - A firm of Architects

My practice was growing very fast and I needed extra help with the admin. After speaking to the consultants at Jink, I decided to try out the service. It has been the best decision I made. My VA answers customer queries by phone, email, post to Internet forums and blogs, perform data gathering and research tasks; takes messages and scheduling appointments.

Susan Menzies- Charterered Accountants

If I were told I would be free the way I am now to run my business I wouldn’t have believed it. After I took on a virtual assistant, I saw a huge difference in my business. I never missed a call or an enquiry email. My response time and delivery turn around was on point and I saw an increase in my revenues.

Ash Patel – Estate Agent

Running a business and being a single mother of two, was very hard. Joggling the business and also the kids was becoming frustrating, as I couldn’t take business enquiry calls, book appointments to see my clients and attend meetings while I am attending to the children. I had to stop working while doing the school run hence I was missing enquiries and potential new business. I knew I had to get a staff but I couldn’t afford to pay for one. Getting a virtual assistant changed my life completely. My business became functional, that’s the only word that I can use to describe what happened. I never missed an enquiry and I could take a break and my business still remained functional. I have taken on board two more virtual assistants, as I am now expanding my business and using them for more functions.

Olu Oluwole – Events Management Company